Alumni Stories

Writer Joke J. Hermsen on nostalgia: 'We all long for a lost time.'

Marjolein de Jong27 November 2023
For Joke J. Hermsen, studying at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam felt like being reborn. „I came home to myself.”

'I have often had to fight against the label 'refugee''

Marjolein de Jong20 November 2023
Wahhab Hassoo, who fled from Iraq, reached VU Amsterdam through vocational education. Now, he's on the list for parliamentary elections.

'I always wanted to stay in control of my life'

Marjolein de Jong13 December 2021
Cees Smit was born with the rare illness of haemophilia. Although he wasn’t expected reach old age he’ll be 71 this month.

‘Super coffee’ helps you get through the day

Marjolein de Jong26 May 2021
VU alumnus Stefan Wateler aims to conquer the world with coffee capsules with added vitamins and superfoods.

'I learned from Kierkegaard: anxiety is a teacher'

Marjolein de Jong18 January 2021
When studying Pedagogy at VU Amsterdam, Geert Jan Blanken became fascinated by the work of Kierkegaard; a fascination that never left him.

Migraines have a grip on Mariëtte's life

Marjolein de Jong2 May 2019
Because of her migraines Mariëtte had to give up on her dreams: "I still hope for a miracle drug."

A healthy breakfast? Try pie!

Marjolein de Jong2 May 2019
Berend Eberson hopes to encourage the rest of the Netherlands to get their day off to a healthy start by eating cauliflower.

From citrus peel to currant bun

Marjolein de Jong13 November 2018
‘Peel farmer’ and VU Chemistry alumnus Sytze van Stempvoort (24) has developed a sustainable initiative with his company PeelPioneers, which processes

5 solutions for traffic problems you haven’t heard of yet

Loïs Hijzelendoorn22 October 2018
Are you as tired of heavy traffic as we are? On average, half a million people are caught in a traffic jam every day. Despite the multitude of new


Renske Vermeijden15 September 2015
Human Movement researcher at the UMCG, Femke Hoekstra, conducts research into how people with a disability can benefit more from an active lifestyle.